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Wildlife Tour

Living the contrast, of the “Llanos Colombianos”, and stay at Hato La Aurora a 42.008-acre wildlife sanctuary, where you will experience one of the continents greatest wildlife spectacles.


Angel Falls & Gran Sabana

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the World and home of more than 500 species of orchids and bromeliads that live over beautiful red colored rivers.
Explore the jungle, rivers and villages, traveling in 4WD vehicle and motorized dugout canoes until reaching the breathtaking Angel Falls!


Serrania del Abibe & Darien Birding

The Golfo de Uraba a real paradise of biodiversity in where a lot of birds appear when the birdwatchers appear in the forest. Amazing humid tropical ecosystems, mangroves and secondary forest that save endangered species


Easter Andes Birding

Adventure yourself on a birding tour in the Colombian mountains in Eastern Andes. Enjoy the amazing hummingbirds, Antpittas, Tapaculos, Tanagers.


Orinoco Birding

Black Water Rivers & White Sand Forest. This is one of the newest destination world class for birding in Colombia in where the influence of the majestic Orinoco River make of this tour a really jewel of birding


Colombian Mountains Birding

A really nice adventure per Colombian Mountains with a lot of hummingbird, tanagers, antpittas and tapaculos to see.

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$1,200.00 $1,080.00 Sale! Cano Cristales

Rainbow River Caño Cristales

Discover Colombia’s hidden rainbow river. You will jump on a boat, travel by car and walk through the forest to reach and swim at Caño Cristales, a series of rivers and waterfalls that will take your breath away.

Rated 2.00 out of 5
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$950.00 $855.00 Sale! Whale Wathing Touredited

Whale Watching

Colombia’s tropical rainforest and Pacific Ocean create the best opportunity do whale watching. Whales come every year between June and October to mate, nurse their calves and enjoy the warm waters.

Rated 4.00 out of 5
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Don’t miss the season! Begins in June,
Enjoy Whale Watching and Rainbow river
(4 Person group) discount 10%

It’s limited seating! Hurry up

Tours Reviews

felix medina

Andes and Llanos Birding

hato cedral conocido con el pantanal venezolano, donde su belleza y inmensidad no se puede expresar en palabras, un área que por metro cuadrado su riquezas es abundante, con mas de 350 especies de aves, que en la mañana te despiertan el le campamento Matiyure, contemplar su amanecer y su atardecer con el rio dorado y sus corocoras regresando a sus garzeros para pasar la noche, salir a observar aves te pasa en día y no te das cuenta de la cantidad de aves que ya llevas en tu lista en tu ruta de los andes la variedad de aves es diferente la rupicola peruviana y los colibrís de los paramos marcan la diferencia. no me canso de visitarlo y lo recomiendo gratamente

Roraima Tepuy

Roraima is such an amazing experience, the local people was an example of strength to me. An ancient place i would visit hundred of times. Thanks to akanan's team to all your work!
Carolina Quevedo

Roraima Tepuy

Un viaje maravilloso, puede llegar a cambiar tu forma de ver la vida para siempre, la atención por parte de Akanan de primera, el guía excelente, lo bello del paisaje es algo nunca visto.

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