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Meet our team, a group of professionals specialized in creating unbeatable travel experiences!

  • Our agents are prepared to understand your interests and travel style, in a way that will allow them to offer you what you really want
  • Our guides and instructors are trained in all the necessary elements to make your trip a relaxed, secure and delighting experience
  • Our Operations team will ensure that your trip is coordinated with every single detail, so you have an impeccable agenda
  • All are chosen based on a balance between experience, knowledge, good judgment and extraordinary abilities in adventure conditions

Helena Aguirreolea

Commercial Manager & Co Founder

Licensed in Social Communications and with specialization in Enterprise Management. After 10 years of career in the commercial area in Microsoft, and 6 years as CEO in a well-known technology wholesaler, she joined the team to jump start Akanan Amazing Adventures, to expand the nature travel business for Latin America.

Juan Carlos Ramírez


Juan Carlos founded Akanan 28 years ago after a 10 day kayak trip to Angel Falls & since then he is dedicated his ilfe to travel & discover the most pristine and exotic places and show them to travelers. He has participated in numerous scientific expeditions and nature TV programs with Discovery, Nat Geo and The History Channel, among others.

Fernando Garcia

Brazil & Peru Branch

Naturalist lover, since age of 7 with the boyscouts. Grew as rock climber, ice climber, tree climber at the amazon for scientific expeditions, kayaker and mountain biker. Loves trekking, and photography. NOLS First Aid Responder Fernando has participated in numerous scientific expeditions and animal collector for various TV documentaries like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet.

Mariela Rondón

Puerto Ordaz Operations

Graduated from the National Experimental University of Guayana in Industrial Engineering. 7 years of experience in the area of ​​hotel services, tourism transfers and passenger assistance, operational support and logistics in the city of Puerto Ordaz Bolívar State. A person known for his optimism and perseverance.

Daniela Echenique

General Manager

With a Business administrator Degree with 20 years of experience and Akanan Partner for over 16 years.
Daniela is the head of the Team and in charge of the Finance Division. She have many years of experience in Nature travel business, with focus in Venezuela. With her our clients will have a trip with
unforgettable experiences.

Luis Rauseo

Web Consulting

Systems Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in technology areas such as Data Security, IT Consulting, Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Cloud Computing and Marketing services (Email, SEM/SEO). Luis has participated in several successful technology projects in Latin America,
contributing with his vision and leadership.

Jose David

Operations Manager

Graduated from Simón Bolívar University in the area of ​​Tourism, Member and Certified Guide of the AVIGM. I have worked as Travel Advisor, Operations Coordinator and Mountain Guide. I belong to the Akanan family for 5 and a half years. I love physical activity and sports. Lover of outdoor activities, mountaineering and everything related to adventure tourism. Passionate about football and reading.

Antonio Hitcher

Naturalist Guide

Antonio is a half Venezuelan / half Pemon photographer based in the tepui lands at Canaima national park. He is very known for his work on the botany and conservation at tepui area. Since 2003, he has many expeditions to the inaccessible tepuis of the region. His photo collections had more than 12.000 images. He worked closely with Otto Huber one the best Botanist of the Guiana Highlands.

Andres Ramirez

Social Media Manager

Andres is our newest member of the team, despite his young age he has travelled in Africa, Europe and South America where he has explored jungles, rafted and kayaked rivers and reached the summit of 5000 meter Volcanoes! He spends most of his time in school learning  English, German and Spanish but his heart and  real passion are set in  tennis where he can play and compete for hours every day

Ninoska Chirinos

Sales Advisor

I have an university degree in tourism, with 20 years of experience in the area of diplomacy, protocol, tourism. I am lover of nature, ocean, sharing with my family. My hobbies are listening music, dancing and swimming. I define myself like an entrepreneur. The most important thing in my life is: love and the opportunity to start again every day.

Felix Medina

Certificated Guide

Graduate in biology, certified guide from INCE & AVIGM. Lover of nature,  he lived in  the amazon for 8 years interacting with native groups and that’s where his passion began. Now he has over 30 years of experience as nature an bird expert in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela.

Jesualdo Sosa

Gran Sabana Operations

Industrial Designer, 14  years of experience in the field of ecotourism. Lover of the nature and of the contact with her. My Hobbies are: plant seeds. I define myself as: curious. My ideal trip: Know cultures and learn from them. The most important thing in my life is my Family and my pets.

Anamilet Vegas


Ana is currently studying business administration   She has been part of the team since 2015. Ana is a nature lover, and enjoys spending time outdoors . She defines herself as Generous and the most important thing in here life: The love of my loved ones and my family.

Carolina Quevedo

Travel Advisor

Graduated from the Caracas Design Institute as a graphic designer. Had 3 years of experience in the area of tourism in Venezuela. Part of the Akanan team for 3 years.



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