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  • Our agents are prepared to understand your interests and travel style, in a way that will allow them to offer you what you really want
  • Our guides and instructors are trained in all the necessary elements to make your trip a relaxed, secure and delighting experience
  • Our Operations team will ensure that your trip is coordinated with every single detail, so you have an impeccable agenda
  • All are chosen based on a balance between experience, knowledge, good judgment and extraordinary abilities in adventure conditions

Helena Aguirreolea

Commercial Manager & Co Founder

Licensed in Social Communications and with specialization in Enterprise Management. After 10 years of career in the commercial area in Microsoft, and 6 years as General Manager in a well-known technology wholesaler, she joined the team to jump start Akanan Amazing Adventures, to expand the nature travel business for Latin America.

Juan Carlos Ramírez

General Manager and founder

Snake expert. 23 years ago founded Akanan after a 10 day kayak trip to Angel Falls & since then he is dedicated to discover the most pristine and exotic places and show them to travelers. Has participated in numerous scientific expeditions and nature TV programs with Discovery & History Channel, Swedish Farlig Mote among others.

Fernando Garcia

Brazil Branch

Naturalist lover, since age of 7 with the boyscouts. Grew as rock climber, ice climber, tree climber at the amazon for scientific expeditions, kayaker and mountain biker. Loves trekking, and photography. NOLS First Aid Responder Fernando has participated in numerous scientific expeditions as tree climber, and animal collector for various TV documentaries like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel.

Felix Medina

Certificated Guide

Biologist and Tourism certified guide. 30 years of experience as nature guide an bird expert in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela.

Pablo Borjas

Certificated Guide

Degree in Biology. British Columbia Adventure Guide Certified, and Adventure tourism course from the National Technological University Argentina. Founder/member of the Venezuelan Association of Instructors and Mountain Guides (AVIGM) Over 20 years of experience as mountaineer and rock climber.

Rafael Dona

Spain Branch

Advanced Technical Degree in Tourism. English and Italian guide. Low and Middle Mountain Guidance Approval with A.V.I.G.M (Venezuelan Mountain Guide Association).

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