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Films & Expeditions is one of our well established business units specialized in producing scientific expeditions and nature documentaries in remote areas. During our 28 years of operations we have worked with teams from NAT GEO, ABC news, The History Channel, Steven Spielberg, NHK japan, Meter Films, Red Bull, Discovery Channel, Swedish TV and many more. All our productions are under very strict environment protection rules. Conservation is our main concern. Educating the local indigenous people, guests and viewers about the importance of preserving these habitats.

Films and Expeditions

More than 25 films with mayor producers support our experience

Allow us to present you our experience in supporting films and expeditions from producers all around the world.

Our team specializes in provinding the best support for all kind of films in the country. This includes:

  • Seamless logistics coordination before and during the trip through our operations team
  • Permanent assistance of bilingual and certified guides, expert in each area during the trip
  • Film permissions and fees management
  • Security management -trained and certified guides, only the best outdoor and camping equipment brands, safety protocols, satellite communication
Animal Planet

The Lost World

Nat Geo

Jungle Venom

The History Channel

Monster Quest

Discovery Planet

Blue Tarantula

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Animal Planet


ABS News


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Angel Falls

French TV

Running Wild

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