A flowing Adventure: “The Orinoco Delta”

January 22, 2018

The tourist experience in the Delta del Orinoco is a wild, natural, peaceful feeling. The perfect combination of these elements makes you forget the city, and if you’re passionate about natural environments as in some parts you feel like a documentary explorers. Birds, monkeys, dolphins, caimans, trees, water, everything.

However the crudest part, can be contacted indigenous Warao communities, life is not easy, it is different from the common citadina. Their crafts are shocking, do not hesitate to take cash to buy their carved sangrito (wood from the root of a tree that lends itself easily to this type of craft), seines are the most expensive figures, but are masterpieces.

Our accommodation at the camp was delightful, rustic but comfortable fully, you have a unique view facing the pipe Manamo, you see the water go up and down with the tide from the terrace of the cottage or from the front of the camp. An immersive experience that no spa and relaxation can emulate.

You can go fishing for piranhas (I did not take even a gold fish, but children who were feasted me, yes, always returning them to the water).

Of all the places I have known in Venezuela and all the sunsets and sunrises, which I witnessed in the Orinoco Delta, they are the most impressive on my list so far. The reflection of the sun rising or hiding on the mirrored surface of the water in those tones that are mixed orange and pink, to put at the end of any movie definitely.

If you do not go to Delta, you’re missing something unique. See, you do still reading this?

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