Our impressions of the trip to Roraima

January 22, 2018

He has already spent time having returned from our trip to the Roraima and remember the moments, we draw a smile on his face. The trip was full of good times … magical, enjoyment, sharing with fellow adventure, contemplation of nature. From start to finish, the trip was lovely.

who placed the best campsites and tents and ready for us when we reached the site; and Hernán, our special personal porter who, apart from the burden relieve us, we musicalizó of the decline of the ramp never imagined that we would hear “Stairway to Heaven” or “My way” down from Roraima), but also from above .
Above gave us, among many things: a splendid climate; days with blue sky; by ratitos some little clouds and rain refreshing when it took to mitigate the strong sun; little pest; arcoíris unexpected; clear nights to delight watching the stars; a spectacular full moon; instant cleared of a landscape we had while watching cloudy; but reactivating the cold water of the pools where we swam; hydrants live with that calm the thirst; the coincidental presence near the Hermitage of the person who had the key to it and opened it for at that time we were going through there; having seen several times the sapito black and blue hummingbird; eating plant blackberries were just where we were camping at the top of Roraima; which had stopped raining and the sky was blue just when we touched through the pass of Tears (seemed drops falling in slow motion); hands generously tended our fellow tour and people passing by, to help us cross rivers, to leap, to go up or down a slope … all gifts from heaven, God’s blessings.
it is best that this adventure could live and enjoy as we wanted to make … family, so our hearts are filled with joy and deep gratitude to God, to life and Akanan Travel & Adventure.
Anunziata, Manuel Antonio, Luis Manuel and Jelica
March 4, 2017

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