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  • $1,460.00

    Costa Rica Adventure for Students

    This trip is designed for student education while ensuring an unforgettable time! A packed agenda that ranges from biodiversity understanding to Volcano visit.

  • $3,300.00

    Delta, Canaima & Margarita

    Enjoy a boat trip to the most remote and primitive areas of the Orinoco Delta, an astonishingly beautiful landscape, and get in touch with the Warao Indian communities

  • $2,350.00

    Ecuador Volcanic Trails

    This hiking trip is in a place of exceptional beauty, in the heart of the called Volcanoes Corridor of Ecuador.

  • $820.00

    Hato Cedral Wildlife

    The experience is like going on a Safari in Africa, but enjoying the animals typical from the American Llanos

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  • $875.00

    Havana & Viñales

    See Old Havana (La Habana Vieja), the World Heritage and the historical architectures. Drive along the seaside riding on a shiny classic car, and immerse yourself into Cuban music.

  • $1,450.00

    Hiking Los Nevados Park

    This Hiking experience at Los Nevados Park will face you with the pure Andean culture, tasting their food and hearing their stories .You will enjoy a comfortable thermal bath at 4000 m and then learn about the Coffee culture while staying in traditional coffee farms.

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  • $5,450.00

    Magdalena Valley & Santa Marta

    Over 1900 Species, 90 endemic and over 1000 near-endemic. A bird lover paradise guaranteed!

  • $2,575.00

    Nature Cuba

    Experience the warmth of Cuban hospitality and stay with local Cuban people. Prepare to enjoy a walk through Old Havana.

  • $1,320.00 Cano Cristales

    Rainbow River Caño Cristales

    Discover Colombia’s hidden rainbow river. You will jump on a boat, travel by car and walk through the forest to reach and swim at Caño Cristales, a series of rivers and waterfalls that will take your breath away.

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