• Utria Parque Nacional Sendero Plataforma

    Colombia for Students – Bahia Solano

    The students will learn about the ancestral roots of a aborigen family. They will share the culture and living of a aborigen family

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  • Costa Rica Adventure for Students

    This trip is designed for student education while ensuring an unforgettable time! A packed agenda that ranges from biodiversity understanding to Volcano visit.

    $1,300.00 Read more
  • Costa Rica Coast for Students

    Explore the different ecosystems of Costa Rica, from the Pacific to the Caribbean Ocean, passing through its forests and volcanoes.

    $1,300.00 Read more
  • Cuba for Students

    On this journey participants will learn about conservation, Cuban and African cultures , teamwork and most important , about themselves.

    $1,490.00 Read more
  • Ecuador for Students

    Empower your kids growth and awareness in this fun but educational trip to one of the gems of South America: Ecuador

    $1,995.00 Read more
  • Peru for Students

    Discover the amazing history and culture of Peru, a country where the Incas built the largest empire in pre-Columbian America

    $2,700.00 Read more

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