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  • $3,900.00

    Atlantic Coast & Santa Marta

    This route has more than 20 endemics and covers the cloud forest, humid tropical forest and dry forest of Santa Marta, the mangroves in Salamanca National Park, and the dry forest in Guajira Peninsula.

  • $2,615.00 Cano Cristales

    Best of Colombia

    Visit Colonial Bogota, get enchanted with El Dorado legend and find out why Colombian coffee is the best! Explore Caño Cristales River

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  • $2,450.00

    Choco Birding Tour

    A great birding adventure where you can see many endemics and near-endemics and enjoy some of the best hummingbird and tanager feeder in the country.

  • $5,630.00

    Classic Andes Birding

    A magical birding adventure on the Colombian Andean mountains enjoying over 450 species!

  • $2,191.00 Utria Parque Nacional Sendero Plataforma

    Colombia for Students

    The students will learn about the importance of the relation between nature and humans. They will participate in conservation proyects and share the culture of aborigen and local families.

  • $2,980.00

    Easter Andes Birding

    Adventure yourself on a birding tour in the Colombian mountains in Eastern Andes. Enjoy the amazing hummingbirds, Antpittas, Tapaculos, Tanagers.

  • $1,450.00

    Hiking Los Nevados Park

    This Hiking experience at Los Nevados Park will face you with the pure Andean culture, tasting their food and hearing their stories .You will enjoy a comfortable thermal bath at 4000 m and then learn about the Coffee culture while staying in traditional coffee farms.

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  • $1,800.00 Colombia Culture and Relax

    History Food and Beaches

    Visit Bogota Culture and Relax, Villa de Leyva, Cartagena and more in this relaxed trip filled with history and culture

  • $5,450.00

    Magdalena Valley & Santa Marta

    Over 1900 Species, 90 endemic and over 1000 near-endemic. A bird lover paradise guaranteed!